Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early Trick or Treaters....

We have an annual family party that caters to my single sister who thinks she deserves an extra day because she has to buy gifts for 3 of us versus the one gift we get her each holiday.  Not to mention, she's never had a wedding or a baby, and therefore she's already down by at least that many gifts....  Let me just say, it's easier to go along with her than to argue...kind of like you can't argue with crazy...besides, she's scary when she's mad!!  Long story short, we started this tradition to do "Auntie Shawn Day" at our house with dinner, cake, and pumpkin carving every October.  

This year, Dave and I each carved a pumpkin and set them out on the porch late Sunday night.  By Thursday afternoon, they were gone!!!  At first, I suspected foul play...but, that's never been an issue here and upon further investigation, I noticed just a few bits of pumpkin here and there in the yard.  That's when it hit me, the moose are back...last year, it was December before they ate up our pumpkins!! I hadn't seen any in the neighborhood recently and quite frankly, it never crossed my mind they'd be by so early, let alone looking for pumpkins!!

This morning I was half awake stumbling down the stairs only to look up and see Momma moose filling the window on our stair landing!!  Both Momma and baby had returned to the scene of the crime and were scouring the porch for more "treats"!!  I guess we were the ones that got tricked this year!! ;O)  At least the pumpkins went to a good cause...but, at $10+ a piece, it would have been nice if the moose had waited for Halloween night to get the munchies!!

This is baby...I'm not for positive, but I think these two were here in the spring when this one was practically brand new. 

We happened to have one more pumpkin that I saved for Owen.  We just carved it today and have it tucked away safe in the house!!!  I'm hoping the twin girls that frequent our yard will get a chance at that one.  We'll see, these two are persistent little buggars...

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