Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ever Seen a Brown Flower???

I mean one that isn't dead and dried out! ;O)  I don't have anything crafty yet, I've been busy working and had the great pleasure of going on a field trip today to the planetarium at UAA with my little man's class!  25 three to five year olds were very quiet and respectful while they watched a movie on how telescopes were invented/made and a presentation on all the different planets in our solar system along with their corresponding moons.  It was like a miracle!! ;O)  Then we made up for it by running around outside in the amazing weather we had today....77 degrees in the shade!!!!  For us that is SOOOO HOT!!!  Anyway, needless to say, between the heat and exhaustion from the field trip, no scrapbooking got done.  But, I did go out and take some photos of the Chocolate Lilies blooming in my flower bed to share!!

Chocolate Lilies grow wild up here and can be found growing in the marshy areas with the iris' on the Palmer Flats.  My camera is not stellar at close-up pics, so the one below is a little bit blurry.  But,  you get the idea!  Hope you are all having the same amazing weather we're having!! 

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