Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Celebration of Life....No, Nobody Died!

Owen goes to a Montessori school and they tend to be a little more politically correct I guess.  So, instead of a birthday party they told us about the "Celebration of Life" that they wanted to do for Owen.  We had to be their by 11am on his birthday, provide a healthy snack complete with utensils/plates, read the class Owen's favorite story, give a "short presentation", and have a picture timeline as a visual prop.  A bit much don't you think!!  Anyway, we of course complied as we don't want our kid to be the only one whose parents don't show to celebrate with them!!  Well, I should say, "I" complied...Dave would go, but, only if he didn't have to do anything...super beneficial right!

So, to start with they sat us down in a circle with Owen and I at the front.  I had to give a brief description of the day Owen was born and then he picked up a small globe and walked around a picture of a sun that they had in the middle of the circle.  As he walked, his teacher, Ms. Laurie, told the class how there are 365 days and 52 weeks in a year and that's how long it takes the Earth to circle the Sun.  Then Owen sat down and I told about his first year and he repeated the walk around the sun...this was repeated until he turned 4.  I thought it was a little creepy personally, but, Owen took it very seriously and you could tell how important it was to him and how proud he was to get to do it.  I guess that makes it all worth it!

I had no idea what his teacher was looking for as far as a time line goes and ended up throwing this quick little layout together.  The right side had his last name on it, but, I've blurred it out, so, you'll have to just envision it.  The kids all liked the Stickles I put on the flames of the candles...they were all really cute and I actually enjoyed spending some time with all of them.  I'm also glad I put this together...I left it in the classroom, so, it's definitely seen better days, but, it makes me realize how much he's changed to see the pictures side by side like this.  How cute was he with that big red nose when he was born...our own personal Rudolph just in time for Christmas! ;O)
Cardstock: Sky, Outdoor Denim, White Daisy, Honey, and Sweet Leaf
Other:  Cricut Cartridges-Stretch Your Imagination (cake) and Plantin School Book (Font), Stickles

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