Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Very First Blog Award...

My very wonderful "upline" with CTMH, Judy, awarded me this tasty looking blog award over a week and a half ago!!  I've been so crazy busy, I haven't had a chance to acknowledge it.  But, I thought it was super sweet of her to think of me and it made my day, which was tough to do considering the last couple of weeks I've had!  

With the award comes some rules, I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me here we go:
1. Hearing my little one say "I wuv you mommy"...nothing beats that!
2. Spending real quality time with my son.
3. Spending real quality "alone time" with my husband...sorry sweetie, the 3-year old beat you out! ;O)
4. Wasting a beautiful sunny day away just hiking and exploring in the woods
5. Ice cream....vanilla with lots of toppings or strawberry with brownie chunks, yum!
6. Getting some "me" time to scrapbook...
7. Standing outside after it gets dark while big fluffy snowflakes are falling...there's nothing more peaceful!
8. Alaskan falls, right after the currant's leaves turn red.
9. Being around my goofy dogs...Daisy and Max (our little bird Sammy is fun too though!)
10. Sunday dinners with my family (This should probably be higher on my list, but although I love my family, too much time with them just stresses me out!!!  ;O)  Don't tell on me!)

I'm also supposed to think of a few people to pass the award on to...honestly, Judy's blog is one of my favorites.  I love to see what she does with the latest CTMH products!  But, I'm not sure I'm allowed to give it, here's my 3 runner ups....

1.  Irene Tan of Scrapperlicious
2.  Janine Koczwara of A Creative Life
3.  Marjorie of Mommy Scraps

Phew, its kind of late for me...I may need to head to bed!!  I have a couple projects completed that I hope to get pictures of when the sun comes up tomorrow...

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